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  1. After having similar trouble with a well known window company, after they made an appalling job of fitting my new windows and doors I’m happy to say that after a year of wrangling, many a letter, citizens advice visits, and solicitors letters and a whole lot of stress, time and sleepless nights I’m pleased to say that I received compensation and satisfactory repairs. I hope your situation gets sorted to your satisfaction sooner rather than later. It’s appalling what these companies get away with these days, it’s good to see people taking a stand and not letting them get away with such shoddy business.

  2. This is absolute text book, at every stage in events, how not to treat a customer. Pentagon, all concerned at every level in the company have behaved appallingly. I’ve just had a problem with Sainsbury’s Energy Gas & Electricity supply. However, after six months of hassle changing to them from EON. They have totally excepted their mistakes and rectified them to my complete satisfaction. It seems by your sorry story that Pentagon’s culture is…it’s OK to f**k customers.

  3. Hi, I bought a Chevrolet Captiva from Pentagon Derby in October 2010 reg no YJ57 LHG and after the purchase I found out the car was a import from Cyprus which they denied knowing. I find this hard to believe as when I traded in my car they asked me if it was a import. Even the V5 document is not correct it does not say what the vehcle is only Chevrolet. Now when I questioned them on this they said it makes no difference at all What a lie. I cannot say the vehicle as I cannot prove what model it is so i have at to go back to them they are having it back but only giving me trade in value so i am set to loose £3,000. To me they are a cow boy company and should be stayed well a way from

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