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Today I’ve had contact via the comment section on the “About” page of this website from a Pentagon employee. This is the first time, to my memory, that I’ve had contact from an employee of Pentagon since Mr William Johnson’s letter dated the 24th of November 2011.

I’ve put Kate’s comment below, followed by my reply.

Kate writes:

My name is Kate and I have worked for Pentagon for 20 years. This is a family run business and we take our customer satisfaction and level of service very seriously.
Every customer that buys a used car from Pentagon is invited to take part in a satisfaction survey either by email, text or letter which involves answering questions about the dealership, staff, the vehicle they purchased and their overall satisfaction. We have been using JudgeService since December 2011, and prior to that we used a company called Feefo. The figure of 4.6/5 is based on everybody’s feedback since we started using JudgeService. Anyone who leaves feedback via the Judge Service website that hasn’t been invited to take part has their comments read by the General Manager and the Sales team at the relevant dealership.

As an employee of Pentagon I have been very much involved with customer satisfaction, and I can assure you that we do work tirelessly, quickly, and as fairly as we can to resolve any customer issues or complaints.

Don’t get me wrong, we do get things wrong sometimes, but our mission has always been, and will continue to be, to keep all our customers happy and to deliver an exceptional level of customer service. I understand that this will not always be the case, and every so often we do get customers that we cannot please no matter what we do, and are quite frankly impossible to deal with.

As I understand it, Pentagon have tried on many occasions to resolve your issues with various substantial offers, and Subaru UK also made you a very generous offer a few weeks ago that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere. I also believe that you informed Subaru UK that you were perfectly happy with your car which leads me to believe that you do not have any issues with this car any longer.

It really does sadden me when someone is tainting the name of Pentagon, a family owned business whose mission hasn’t changed in over 20 years which is “to make car and van buying and servicing easy and affordable and to treat people as we would like to be treated”.

The motor industry has had a bad reputation in the past, but its companies like Pentagon that have helped to improve that reputation in recent years by providing customers the opportunity to let us know if they are unhappy with the service they have experienced. This in turn gives us the opportunity to put matters right, and to improve our service in the future for everybody.”

And my reply to Kate’s comment:

Hi Kate,

Thank you for taking the time to add your view to

I understand that Pentagon is a family run company, this is partly what influenced my decision to place my trust in their Chilwell dealership and purchase the Subaru. I have at no point been asked to take part in a satisfaction survey by email, text, letter or otherwise.

Comments via the website may well be read by the General Manager and the sales team although they aren’t all published publicly. However in my experience the Pentagon employees that I have dealt with, tend to ignore problems in the hope that they will disappear, with the exception of Neil Vernon.

Mr Steve Armstrong Sales Manager at Pentagon Chilwell repeatedly didn’t return my telephone calls and Mr Trevor Reeve Managing Director of Pentagon Motor Holdings Limited still hasn’t replied to the letter that I sent to him by registered post on the 21st of November 2011.

You are quite right companies do sometimes get things wrong, I accept this, but they have to accept when they are in the wrong and face up to their mistakes.

Pentagon’s mistake was to tell me the vehicle was something it wasn’t, this is misrepresentation. It is my belief that your salesman did this to close the deal and and make a sale to the value of £22990.00.

At no point have I been impossible to deal with. I would add quite “frankly” as you put it, that if I wanted to be impossible to deal with I would Ignore Pentagon’s calls and letters and then instruct a solicitor to write letters which contain incorrect facts to Pentagon’s solicitor and perhaps drag things out by asking for more time to reply to a letter and then reply late.

Pentagon has only made me one offer and this was in the form of a replacement vehicle it was far from substantial and not acceptable you can view the details here:

You mention the offer that Subaru made to me, which as yet I haven’t published because my contract of sale is with Pentagon Motor Holdings Limited and not Subaru UK (International Motors). However you are correct Alan Able of Subaru UK as an interested 3rd party did make me an offer on the condition that didn’t take any legal proceedings against Pentagon Motor Holdings Limited. This was not acceptable to me. I will put full details of Alan Able’s offer in my next blog post but it was basically this, in return for BF59ODL, £1000 and my silence they would provide me with BV10YCR a vehicle which I mentioned earlier in my blog here:

I am not happy with the car because it is not what your salesman said it was and not what I paid £22800.00 for. I hope this is clear.

If the truth taints Pentagon’s reputation I would respectfully suggest that in my opinion, it’s time for a change of “mission”.

The motor industry may have had, as you put it a “bad reputation” in the past. However Pentagon have in my mind only enforced that reputation. I wish this was not the case and that my purchasing of the Subaru had been as I had planned, a pleasurable experience. In reality it has cost me considerable stress, time, money and inconvenience.

I remain receptive to dialogue with the aim of acceptably resolving the situation as always.


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