Pentagon’s Customer Reviews – The Truth

Since I published, it looks like Pentagon Motor Holdings Limited have been getting lots of great reviews for customer satisfaction on a website called, and published on their Facebook page.  In fact at the time of writing (10:50 14/04/2012), Pentagon has some 555 reviews, with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5.  This has been promoted by @JimatPentagon tweeting ”Now rated 4.6/5 for overall satisfaction after 555 customer reviews. Thanks @JudgeService”, and @JudgeService tweeting “See what great feedback Pentagon Motor Group is getting from their customers”.

I decided to submit my review, and waited for it to appear on Pentagon’s page within the website. Strangely, nothing appeared, which led me to question whether it ever would. I then looked into the website a little further, and found that it was for dealers to refer their customers to, in order for them to leave their feedback. It would seem that in order to secure mostly positive reviews you would simply have to give only happy customers the referral details. These details are your vehicle registration number and a password given to you by the dealer. Not exactly a true representation of Pentagon’s customer base.

I had a read of and found the following quotes:

“In the old days an unhappy customer might tell half a dozen of his closer friends about his grievance. Starting with the internet, evolving on to blogs, and then finally social media, it has become increasingly easy for people to share their criticisms with everyone they know and then some.” - How correct they are (and then some).

“According to recent research (source Zoomerang), 82% of customers would definitely recommend a friend or family to buy from a car dealer if they felt they had received good service, and 73% said they would be more likely to recommend a friend if the dealer asked and indeed incentivised them.” - Incentives eh?

Having looked into, I decided to look for other review sites on the internet and came across, which is government-backed.

Their website says, ”Motor Codes is the government-backed, self-regulatory body for the motor industry.  Its voluntary membership of thousands of garages are all committed to maintaining high standards across new car sales, service and repair and vehicle warranties.  So, whether you’re buying a new car or need a service or repair job carrying out, use our garage finder to seek out your nearest OFT-approved garage.”

Having read this, I thought I’d search for satisfaction reviews of Pentagon Motor Holdings Limited.  This is what I found:

Pentagon Manchester: 71% – 81%

Pentagon Barnsley: 72% – 78%

All other 13 Pentagon dealership sites had no reviews.

These are much more believable compared to the score of 4.6 out of 5 (which equates to 92%). I also believe that if you were to select to leave feedback only those customers whom you believed were happy, and would give a great review, 92% is actually a pretty poor score.

To me, this also rather reinforces my belief that with Pentagon everything isn’t always what it seems at first glance.